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We specialize in two essential services: Solar Panel cleaning and Solar Panel bird proofing

Solar Panel Cleaning

Harness the full power of the sun with SunClear. Solar panels become increasingly inefficient due to environmental factors such as bird droppings, dust, dirt and rain to name a few. Every 3 months, the build up of grime can reduce a solar panels power generation by 5%- That’s where SunClear comes in. Using our purified water system we can effectively clean solar panels without the use of chemicals, which can potentially leave unwanted residues and corrosives. 

Purified water filters out all of the dissolved solids and corrosives that are found in regular drinking water, leaving the  panels and frames spotless and streak free, offering maximum solar yield. 


Solar Panel Bird Proofing

In addition to cleaning, we also offer bird proofing solutions to protect your Solar panels from unwanted avian visitors. Birds can cause damage to your panels and create a mess that hampers their performance. Our bird proofing techniques are safe, humane and effective, ensuring that your Solar Panels remain free from any bird related issues.



At SunClear, we proritise the safety and peace of mind of our customers. That’s why we are proud to be fully insured with $10M public liability coverage. You can trust that we have taken every precaution to protect you and your property, ensuring a worry-free experience. 


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